MOGADISHU, Somalia — At least three persons, including two popular politicians were killed several others sustained wounds after a bomber detonates suicide belt blew himself up into crowd people just after Isha prayer outside of mosque in Buhodle city of Togdher province north of Somalia.

Former Hisbul Islam Finance chief Abdifatah Mohamed Ali, and a former adviser of ex-Somali MPs who escaped from Al-Shabab along with Hassan Dahir Aweys in 2013, and former Khaatumo regional interior minister Ahmed Mohamud Dolal were the victims, according to security sources.

“A suicide bomber kills two people. The bomber signalled to stop the car, greeted the occupants and the blew up himself. He targeted and killed a former adviser of ex-Somali federal prime minister. A local official was also killed and a police officer, and civilians ware injured,” Buhodle governor Suleyman Adan said.

It’s not clear who staged the attack, and so far there is no imminently claims for the attack, but Adan says security agencies in the city will launch an investigations into accident, he promised that they will release sooner the motive and who behind the deadly explosion.

 Alrasdi News

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