MOGADISHU, Somalia —- An air raid conducted by Kenyan warplanes on Sunday night near Garbaharey town of Gedo region south of Somalia claims lives of more than twelve [12] goats, while injured two persons which one them still is missing, according to residents.

“At least five rocks from a jet fighter sets off Kenya landed into our farm in the area of 15 KM from the city. Two of my workers injured who one of them still missing, while more than twelve [12] of my goats died,” owner of a farm said to AN over the phone interview.

So far its unclear the motive of the shellings, and there is comment from Kenyan Defense Ministry on the accident, despite Alrasdi News tired to reach for rejoined but not access.

Kenya jets often carries out such lethal bombardments in the region and besides of province, which they said to targeted on Al-Shabaab bases, despite occasionally inflicted casualties of civilian and animals.

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