MOGADISHU, Somalia —- Somali military court sentenced 15 years in prison two persons, Mahad Mohamud Abdi [Abu Yasin], 48, and Mohamed Daud Dahir Hasan [Dr Raage], 45, who were accused to be member of ISIL-linked group in Somalia.

Abu Yasin, who also has a double citizenship [Somalia and Russia], and fought in Syria, was found guilty of considering to establish a new faction of ISIL in southern Somalia, according to prosecutors.

Sources says Abu Yasin also traveled 2016 toGalgala mountains in Puntland state, then afterwards he contradicted with ISIL’s Somalifaction leader Abdikhadir Mumin. After that he took the option of making new faction.

On his part, Dr Raage is said to have “admitted” he was senior of medical officer for ISIL, and also the treasurer of the radical group in Somalia.

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