MOGADISHU, Somalia —- Somali community in Zambia and Federal Government have agreed the re-constructing project of building the country’s embassy in Lusaka, the capital of east Africa nation.

Mohamoud Mohamed Hiran, member of Somali community said on Saturday the cost takes the re-building of embassy will be paid Somalis in Zambia, and they can do it.

“Since 1968 after the collapse of our country there is no active embassy that Somalia have here, so now we are stand to fill-in that space,” he added.

Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre who last week met Somali community in Zambia, where he attended COMESA’s 21th summit, hails their actions.

“Right now we can’t get any service we need from our consulate here, and the Prime Minister we talked about that. He told us, that Government will be supporting to us,” Hiran noted.

However, its not clear the cost and years can take during the rehabilitating of the embassy, but, this is among several questions on the this project.

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